It’s becoming clear that our future wellbeing will depend largely on whether we can make sure the impact of the internet is more positive than negative.

The Mozilla Foundation is one of the leading lights in this fight. Best known for its Firefox Browser, Mozilla actually has two parts – a company that makes the software, and a non-profit – The Mozilla Foundation – which 100% owns the company and works around the world to build a movement for a healthier internet.

In early 2019 the Foundation came to Cohere for support in increasing awareness of and engagement with its work in the UK and Europe. While issues around technology and the internet are of keen interest everywhere, for this very reason it is a crowded field, making it challenging to get attention for what can be complex, technical work.

As a result of our support, the Foundation has gained coverage across multiple leading media outlets, including the BBC, the Telegraph, the Sun, the Daily Mirror, and European and sector specific publications, from Le Monde to ZDNet.

We also provided support with Social Media across this period, producing content for a range of channels.

Below you can see some highlights of our work with the Mozilla Foundation so far.


Creative Campaigns


The Mozilla Foundation

What We Did

PR & Social Media support across Europe & the UK

Internet Health Report

Mozilla’s regular report on the state of the internet contains a wealth of analysis across subjects from Trustworthy AI, to internet shut-downs to social media censorship. We packaged the report into a series of media pitches, achieving coverage in outlets including the Evening Standard, ZDNet, Computer Weekly and the BBC.


YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet and its recommendation algorithm drives 70% of video views on the site. Research from Mozilla gathered thousands of stories of people being shown extreme and inappropriate content by that system.
We presented this important information in a way consumers could directly engage with, leading to media coverage in the Telegraph, Sun, Mirror and BBC, El Pais and Le Monde.

A moratorium on political advertising

Amid increasing concern about the unregulated nature of online political advertising, Mozilla responded tp Twitter’s move in 2019  by leading a group of respected campaigners and academics to call on Facebook and Google to suspend political advertising until after the UK election. Our fast response media and social media engagement led to widespread media coverage, including the Guardian, Telegraph and The Times, as well as social media engagement, including an Instagram story to explain microtargeting to a consumer audience. Google subsequently amended its policy on microtargeting.


MozFest is the annual Festival for the Mozilla community, bringing together activists, experts and campaigners for internet health from across the world. For MozFest 2019 we provided PR and Social Media support throughout the week, including running the @MozFest Twitter and Instagram accounts, and creating a range of content, including daily Instagram Stories summarising the latest activity.