Level aims to create a new streamlined and attractive way of forming a democratically owned business, designed for the future of work.

More and more people are working independently – and often enjoying the benefits and flexibility of that way of working. But when it comes to starting a business together as independent professionals, the structures available are either based on outdated and unfair principles, or can entail a lot of work to establish. The array of options available can also be overwhelming.

Co-operatives UK tasked us with creating a new branded product to appeal to a sector that is the source of many new business – but of which only a very small percentage choose a democratic model.

We designed Level to provide a single, quick and simple way of starting a business which independent professional can use as a vehicle for working together, based on equal, democratic ownership, while retaining their autonomy and flexibility.

Language and presentation was crucial, to overcome negative preconceptions that some hold about the nature of this type of model.

View the website and test out the registration process for yourself through the image below.


Narrative, Identity & Creative Campaign


Co-operatives UK

What We Did

Naming, visual identity, brand guidelines, website design, copywriting, social media content

Promotional Creative

Once the prototype of the Level brand, website and registration process was built, we developed some exemplar social media content, including this Instagram video advert.