How can the world provide genuinely affordable housing for the most challenged communities? That’s the challenge undertaken by visionary social entrepreneur Gunraj Arora, starting with a groundbreaking development just outside Nairobi.

Born in Kenya, Gunraj went on to a successful career as a lawyer in the City of London, before returning to Kenya to pursue his vision of housing that is accessible to the poorest, while also providing healthcare, community support, and reduced environmental impact.

Cohere helped Akarora create its brand, to provide the basis for approaching investors and raising the capital needed to begin construction. We crafted a core narrative that highlighted the innovative nature of the project and the specific ways in which it will have a social impact, leading to the creation of a launch website and collateral.

Alongside, we created a launch narrative and identity for Akarora Consulting, a specialist firm assisting global law firms entering the East African market and providing the initial funding for the impact venture.


Launch brand for pioneering social impact venture


Akarora Impact

What We Did

Brand Strategy, Development & Website (akarora.org)