Even the UK’s leading heritage investor recognises the need to move with the times, ensuring it remains relevant in a world where people are driven by new motivations and values. A world where our heritage is literally being redefined around us.

Over the last two years we have worked with the Architectural Heritage Fund to help them ensure their work has the maximum impact and influence from creating a refreshed articulation of its core purpose – Transforming Heritage – to a new narrative and contemporary visual identity, through to several creative outputs and activities.

“Cohere have helped us bridge a challenging divide between our more traditional audiences and new, in the context of our aspirations to represent a bright, positive future for our nation’s heritage assets. They are a pleasure to work with.” 

Matthew McKeague, CEO


Narrative & Messaging; Creative Campaigns


The Architectural Heritage Fund

What We Did

New narrative & brand identity; Creative Campaigns & Content

Animated Film

To promote the Heritage Development Trust model, we created an animated film that explained how it works, and why it matters.

New Identity and Narrative

To reflect its evolving focus, while respecting its tradition and history, we developed a new identity, AHF: Transforming Heritage, along with a new core brand narrative, language and visual style.

AHF Logo Image

New vibrant colour scheme

To reflect the ambitions and style of the diverse range of projects that AHF supports, we put together a colour palette with vitality and range, flexible enough to work in different contexts, and alongside varied content.

Warm Yellow


Strong Red


Calm Blue