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Impact-led Strategy

In the face of multiple social and economic crises, it is clearer than ever that we need to transform to a different form of business as usual – one where stating a purpose or committing to responsibility is no longer enough. The future demands something radically different.

If we are to create an economy for the collective good, businesses will also need to ask hard questions about their role in the world, rethink the fundamental way they operate, and confront the unspoken rules and barriers that keep current systems in place.

This requires an impact-led strategy: where business leaders are ambitious about the positive change they want to bring and brave enough to put this at the heart of everything they do, in a way that is both fully commercial and fully social.

Being impact-led is more than stating a purpose – it’s about living it in every aspect of your work and in every decision you make. It means changing who gets a say and whose priorities matter. It means navigating complex change in a chaotic world, across silos and disconnects, challenging assumptions about what’s possible and what’s too hard, in order to build a shared vision and a movement for change.

Our model

We believe in good intentions, but are realistic about the barriers to achieve them. 

Using our impact-led strategy model, we will work with you to:

  • Develop a worldview that’s fully social and fully commercial 
  • Define the most relevant and effective way you can create positive change
  • Identify how you can operate with integrity across your value chain
  • Address the internal and external barriers that stop intention turning into impact 
  • Change the voices that are heard and valued, and the values that inform decisions 
  • Commit to measuring and sharing the full impact of your work: social, environmental and economic, as well as financial. 
The most relevant and effective way you can contribute to positive change. Where and how you can make a profit, and how you can use that profit for maximum impact.
Align all aspects of your value chain with your desired contribution. Commit to measuring, sharing and learning from the full impact of your work: social environmental and economic.

Our team

Our team, led by Anna Fielding, former CEO of the Finance Innovation Lab, is deeply experienced in impact-led innovation, combining social change methodologies with corporate strategy, designing and delivering strategies for systems change and communicating the change you are making.

Meet the team >

We don’t bring a one-size-fits-all model and we don’t pretend to have all the answers. We partner with you to navigate the challenge of becoming truly impact-led, maximising your positive contribution and helping to reshape the rules business for a better world.

Anna Fielding