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Cohere has been providing narrative change, creative communications and impact led strategy for social purpose organisations now since 2017. This was the point when Dan and Simon met, and realised that despite very different backgrounds,  their aims and interests overlapped – and that by combining them they could build a fluid and flexible network with different experiences and perspectives, reflective of a changing world. This was the basis of Cohere, a story we’ve told in more depth in a blog back in 2018.

Since then, we’ve just kept growing our experience, clients and network of associates. Now, we’re pleased to say, our team has grown too. Oluchukwu Ezeofor is joining us as Communications Executive, and Katie Arthur as Creative Strategist.

Olu is currently finishing her BA in Digital Marketing at the University of Portsmouth, having garnered two years of informal industry experience during her studies. Previously, she has volunteered for NCS London as Communications Manager, freelanced as a Content Creator for The Montana Racial Equity Project, and acted as Campaign Manager for a self-directed fundraiser. Olu hopes to run more projects in the future in order to educate the public about social issues such as equality and racial bias.

Katie is a doctoral researcher in her final year at King’s College London. She has worked in research and communications roles at the MIT Centre for Civic Media, UK Parliament, UNFCCC, Royal Society of Arts, and BBC. Katie’s PhD research explores how queer artists navigated obscenity law in mid-twentieth century USA. Previously, Katie was awarded a SM in Comparative Media Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a MA in English Literature and Politics, Joint Honours, from the University of Glasgow. 

As ever we continue to be supported by our network of excellent associates, and you can find a little bit more about some of them on our About Page

We welcome Olu and Katie to the Cohere team, and they look forward to meeting you in the near future!

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