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We’re delighted to announce that Anna Fielding, a pioneering leader in responsible business and systems change, and the former CEO of the Finance Innovation Lab, is joining Cohere as a Senior Associate.

Anna led the Finance Innovation Lab until April 2020 in its mission to build a financial system that serves people and planet. She led the Lab’s original spin-out from WWF-UK, launching the world’s first incubator for purpose-driven financial innovation, and establishing the Lab as a thought leader with a global reach. Anna is also currently a Senior Advisor at the Economic Change Unit, a non-profit organisation working for a more resilient, secure and just economy. 

Anna will be leading Cohere’s new strategy consulting offer, which aims to help businesses rethink the most urgent questions of this moment: why they exist, what value they create and how, what their relationship is with wider society, and what role they can play in building the new normal.

Anna says:

“In the midst of a global pandemic, the climate emergency and deep inequality, it’s clear that business as usual is the business of the past.

“Stating a purpose or taking a stand isn’t enough – we want to help organisations grasp the role they should play in this new world, find their unique contribution to social change, and build a collective vision for making it a reality.”

Anna will also be contributing to our existing work on narrative development and building influence through communications, for those committed to a more positive future. 

More about Anna

Anna is a trustee of the New Economics Foundation, an Associate of the Institute for Social Banking, and a Fellow of the RSA. She has previously served as a trustee of the Just Finance Foundation and New Economy Organisers Network, and an Associate of the St Paul’s Institute. Anna has been a judge for the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards, Skoll Venture Awards, Future of Good New Founders to Watch, RSA Student Design Awards and Chartered Banker Institute Young Banker of the Year. 

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