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Cohere is a strategy & communications consultancy making systems-changing ideas more powerful and influential.

Strategy & Vision

Discover how best to achieve your objectives & reflect your values now

Narrative & Messaging 

Establishing the most effective way to communicate your work in today’s context

Campaigns & PR

Building influence for your ideas, organisation and impact across a range of mediums

Mozilla Foundation

Fighting for a healthier Internet

Over the past three years we’ve been working with the Mozilla Foundation, to help support their mission of a healthier Internet, and more trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

Our support has helped Mozilla projects and campaigns be featured in national and international media, including the BBC World Service, the Telegraph, Le Monde, and Politico EU.

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The Architectural Heritage Fund

Harnessing heritage to shape the future of our communities

How can we reimagine the future of our high streets & town centres, to become new places of belonging and community identity, while addressing major social challenges?

We’ve helped build the case for the role that heritage can play in this tasks, creating and implementing a communications strategy, realised through events, films, media coverage and more.

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Framing Financial Activism

ShareAction is a campaigning group leading the push to make the financial system a force for good. We initially were asked to look at reframing the organisation’s values and mission to bridge its diverse audiences.

Our work evolved into creating an entirely new core narrative for ShareAction’s work, supporting them in transforming their messaging across their activities, and beginning to plan how this new approach might be integrated across its communications and public campaigning.

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Recent projects

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