Cohere helps ambitious organisations develop the creative strategies needed to thrive in an era of increased expectations and changing values.

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What We Do

Bringing together uncommon perspectives and thinking to create powerful new approaches for our clients

Strategy Consultancy

Creative thinking that equips organisations to thrive in a rapidly evolving context.

Identity & Movement Building

Inspiring broad coalitions, built on powerful narratives of shared value.

Innovation programmes

Harnessing emerging technology & methods to reach new audiences.

Recent projects


Simon Matthews

Simon Matthews

Strategy Director

Simon spent more than a decade at the top of Fishburn Hedges, one of the UK’s most influential communications agencies and part of one of the world’s biggest marketing groups. He’s worked with global corporate brands from BT Group to Nintendo of Europe, but also non-profits like The Carbon Trust. He is focused on how business changes to live up to the greater expectations of a fast-changing, global society.

Daniel Stanley

Daniel Stanley

Creative Director

Daniel started out in grassroots community organising in Sheffield, then came via Social Psychology at the LSE to movement-building campaigns for some of the world’s biggest NGOs. Surrounded by attempts to change the world, the elephant in the room was the role of business in achieving these goals - and some of the techniques of mission-driven campaigning are well suited to help.

Our founders lead a wider partnership of experts drawn from the worlds of brand reputation, social mission campaigning, research and digital influence.

Our Experience

The Cohere Model

We have developed a three-step journey, adapted for each project and client:


We place the roots of your challenge in the shifting context of a new era:  a world of changing attitudes, values and expectations, which demands a different mindset and a fresh response.


We help you face the evidence and make bold, strategic choices designed to deliver real change.  Taking head on the big decisions needed to achieve ambitious goals.


Together, we establish the clarity of purpose and resonant articulation that will underpin your mission and draw others to your side, for economic, social and reputational gain.

Coherent Views

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